Muir Woods National Monument

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Last Sunday, we visited Muir Woods National Monument, which is one of the 58 National  Parks in the United States.

It’s around 40 minutes drive from Berkeley, so it’s a really short trip to go there.

We’ve already tried to visit this place one month ago, we had to wait 40 minutes on line, bumper to bumper to reach the park entrance. The parking lot is ridiculously small and is full at 10 am, so we couldn’t find a spot and decided to hike in the Mount Tamalpais State Park instead.

So this time, we decided to go way earlier and found a parking spot not too far from the entrance ! Hooray !
We purchased the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands pass for the year, it’s $80,00 and since the Yosemite’s entrance fee is already $30,00/car and $10,00/pers for this park, it’s a very good deal !
The trees are huge in the valley and the trails are well-maintened and clean. It’s not the most beautiful place we’ve visited in California, but it’s definitely a good place to hike in our neighborhood.


DSC_0505Take a look to the people next to the tree – Vous pouvez apercevoir les personnes à côté de l’arbre


Husband’s copyright for this one


DSC_0530My husband for comparison – Mon mari pour la comparaison


DSC_0593Everything is so big here ! – L’immensité américaine !

DSC_0601This is a gigantic hummingbird feeder – Voici un enorme garde-manger à colibris

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