Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

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We spent the President’s Day’s weekend (which is a day off here) visiting Santa Cruz, Monterey, Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and Big Sur. It was almost unbelievable to us, French expatriates from Paris area, to have such good weather in February (almost 30 degrees celsius, 85 degrees Fahrenheit), to wear shorts and short-sleeves shirts while most French had to deal with snow. I couldn’t stop saying “Hey, it’s February !”.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is definitely a place to see once in a lifetime. This is the place I prefer from the parks we’ve visited so far in California. This is such a beautiful place which has many different natural landscapes, you walk 1500 feet and you could think you are at a different place.

There is a lot of wildlife : birds, sea otters and lots of sea lions.
We watched the sunset in the park and spent the night in Carmel-By-The-Sea, in this hotel, which was really perfect and not expensive knowing that is was also Valentine’s day weekend.


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