Santa Cruz – Surf City

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Santa Cruz is one of my favorite cities in Northern California, regardless of the season you go there, it’s sunny all the time, and you can always see some people in bikini. It feels like holidays!
The amusement park gives a really particular atmosphere to this city and you can eat almost everything you’ve ever dreamed : burgers, smoked turkey legs, toasted potatoes, corn-dogs, giant bretzels, cookies sandwichs and even deep fried twinkies, and of-course, at any time of the day (Twinkies are sort of cream eclairs that are not healthy at all).


You can park your car in the residential areas, where parking spots are free and easy to find, and walk to the beach by taking the narrow bridge next to the railroad.


You can wander in the amusement park and walk along the beach. You’ll see several surfers waiting their turn to take the next wave and some courageous people swimming in the cold water (57 degrees Fahrenheit – 15 degrees Celsius).


By walking to the end of the pier, you’ll notice (and especially hear and smell) sea-lions, seagulls and pelicans.


The beach Boardwalk goes on after the warf, and you will pass by a series of beaches full of surfers.
Surf rules are written on this sign :


There is a dogs beach too, just like in the movies.


We spent the afternoon walking along the beach; we even saw a whale far away !


Yes, all this people are not only curious about surfers, we figured this out when my husband said to a person “Oh, did you see the whale?”, while everybody was already looking for them.

We waited for the sunset, then took the car to go to Santa Cruz Downtown, where there are lots of surf-shops, tiny stores and restaurants.





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