Chocolate mousse recipe

Cliquez-ici pour voir la recette en Français

Here is a French traditionnal recipe, it’s easy and you’ll only need four ingredients to make it!
Its delicious, I hope you’ll try it !


Here are the ingredients :

– 200 gr black chocolate 70% cacao (I bought it at 99cts only store in Berkeley)
– 6 eggs
– 110g or 1/2 cup sugar
– 2 tbsp of heavy whipping cream of milk

To make this recipe you will need a spatula, a big mixing bowl, a pot and several cups or glasses.

To begin, break chocolate into pieces
Combine with cream/milk in a pot or a big saucepan and melt.

Stir periodically with a spatula to keep the cast homogeneous
Remove from heat and continue to stir until all the content is completely melted

Let the chocolate cool a little
Separate yolks from whites, add yolks one at a time in the chocolate and mix, put whites in a big mixing bowl
Add sugar and mix
Beat egg whites until you see a stiff peak on the beater, and for your arms, it’s better to use an electric beater
(this part is important, if you don’t beat the whites enough, the mousse will be liquid)


This is a stiff peak

Add a big spoon of beaten whites in the chocolate and mix really softly
dd one spoon at a time until all is combined
You can let the chocolate mousse in the bowl like that or spread it into individual cups, then put in the fridge for 4 hours or the night


Raspberries + Chocolate mousse = YUMMY !

And now, you can eat the mousse left in the bowl with your fingers….

After four hours, your first chocolate mousse is ready to eat, congratulations!
We usually can’t wait that long, and I bet you could not too, but it’s really better when you wait!


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