How to travel with two cats on a 11 hour flight

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When we decided to move to California, we figured out really fast that shipping our furniture and personal items by container would be too expensive. We would have to sell the most we could on our French Craigslist and to put all we wanted to take with us in four large suitcases. And we’ve known from the beginning that our Norwegian cats would be part of our trip.

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Hey everyone !

I don’t know how you reached my website, but welcome !
Maybe are you looking for a good French recipe, a sewing pattern, or you are just curious about California. Don’t move ! You are at the right place !
I’m Carole-Anne (everybody calls me Carol here). I’m French and I’m relocated in California.
My husband and I live in Berkeley with our two cats, and we definitely love this city and the Bay Area. Continue reading