Santa Cruz – Surf City

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Santa Cruz is one of my favorite cities in Northern California, regardless of the season you go there, it’s sunny all the time, and you can always see some people in bikini. It feels like holidays!
The amusement park gives a really particular atmosphere to this city and you can eat almost everything you’ve ever dreamed : burgers, smoked turkey legs, toasted potatoes, corn-dogs, giant bretzels, cookies sandwichs and even deep fried twinkies, and of-course, at any time of the day (Twinkies are sort of cream eclairs that are not healthy at all).

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Muir Woods National Monument

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Last Sunday, we visited Muir Woods National Monument, which is one of the 58 National  Parks in the United States.

It’s around 40 minutes drive from Berkeley, so it’s a really short trip to go there.

We’ve already tried to visit this place one month ago, we had to wait 40 minutes on line, bumper to bumper to reach the park entrance. The parking lot is ridiculously small and is full at 10 am, so we couldn’t find a spot and decided to hike in the Mount Tamalpais State Park instead. Continue reading